Trip to Tinuy-an Falls

Our last destination during our trip was in Tinuy-an Falls. The travel there was about to hours from the Enchanted River. I really felt tired swimming in the river that’s why I felt really sleepy during the travel. Even though how much I wanted to savor the beautiful scenery outside going to the falls, I can’t help but fall asleep. 

When we get there, a lot of people were already in the place. There was actually no cottage for us, that’s why we decided not to bring any of our things. The falls was really breath taking. It was my first time seeing a falls that big. We decided to stay in the upper part of the falls where we took lots of pictures. Below are some of it.

All photos are courtesy of James Malibiran, visit his blog here: DAVAO PHOTOBLOG
Tulog tym.. zzZZZ
wala naku kabntay -ani maau na lang na picturan.


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