Photo Remix: Old Photos

Earlier this morning, I was browsing through my photos in Facebook and I came across my photo album entitled photo remix. I guess I made those images mid last year. It made a smile on my face as I look at the photo. Though I am really not that good in Photoshop, still I was happy with my work. Learning Photoshop to be a pro is one of my dreams. When I will have time, I will be back on practicing my skill on Photoshop, for now, time is not on my side so ill just give this dream a complete rest (ajejeje). Editing photos was one of my outlet for stress during those times, I feel glad when I edit photos especially if I like the result. I know I need to practice more since I am dreaming of being a professional photographer, I guess Photoshop will be a good skill for those who wanted to be photographer (dili tong nagapicture ug 1 by 1 id huh).. LOL. Taking pictures on any concept I want would surely be fun. Here are the some of the photos that I am referring to. To friends who are experts in Photoshop like James and Eker, ayaw mo panaway huh, mga pro naman gud na cla… ajejejej thanks for stopping by..



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