Trip from Enchanted River to Island

The other activity that we did in Surigao was boating. We went first into an island where we took a lot of pictures there. The scenery was really great in the sea shore. It was about 15-20 minutes travel from the enchanted river to the certain island. After taking some pictures in the sea shore, we went to a small cave found in another island. The travel was about 20 minutes. We took pictures at the mouth of the cave. The ground was very slippery so we are very careful with our steps. Stepping into the cave from our boat was also quite time consuming. Our last destination was in a floating restaurant (I’m really not sure what to call it). We actually did not eat there but we have found some fish den there with “pawikan”.  We are told that we can capture a pawikan to get pictures and that’s what James, Francis, john lee, Sherwin and Richard did. They did their best in capturing the pawikan and they were successful. It was really fun watching them went after the pawikan.

Photos are courtesy of James Malibiran, visit his blog here: DAVAO PHOTOBLOG


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